Learning to TRUST……

This has been my life verse for many years now….I try to always reference when I feel defeated.


When we read scripture, (or at least for me) I will sometimes read it and think hmm…that’s nice, I like that, but almost immediately as soon as I have put it from my sight I forget about it.  I go on through my day.  How hard is it stay on task for God?  I know I cannot be the only one, its something that i desire more than anything but yet it is still the hardest feat for me.  I get wrapped up in my hectic job, the kids, husband, books, TV, you name it oh and let’s not forget that one friend who always seems to drag us into their gossip.  Ugh how do you make it work?

I have begun this blog not only as a lesson learner for me on my journey, but maybe just maybe, I will help someone else along the way.






Panel 1


I am a mother, a wife, a college student, referee, nonsocial butterfly, introvert, yorkie pet mom,  and kid at heart.

I love reading more than I should.

I would much rather text than talk on the phone.

I love God, love to learn about him, talk about him, and grow in my faith.

I am a huge music lover, mostly praise and worship, but do like my rock music too.

I am a christian, and i like Harry Potter.




Panel 2


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.