Psalm 91 My Life Verse

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


What is your life verse?  Do you have one?  I have a neat story to tell you about God, when they say he has a sense of humor, they aren’t joking. LOL.

So I used to attend a charismatic Church of God church, and I didn’t know all that many people there, but they tried to make this anti social girl feel welcomed.  Well at the time I was going through what was a pretty nasty divorce, and custody battle of my two children.  At this church we had a “soaking session” one and week at the church.  Oh my goodness, did I love these sessions.  I never felt so close to God in my life.  There was no preaching, no talking really, just you and God and prophetic music being played.

Well , one night I was particularly upset and had a lot on my mind concerning my divorce but was trying to get in the spirit.  This lady who was a prominent member of the church, came and sat down next to me and said…”I don’t know your name or who you are, but God told me to read this to you”  I smiled at her and just politely said “Ok , what is it?”  Now mind, you i really didn’t think that God had sent her to speak to only me.  The scripture was you guessed it Psalm 91, but as she started to read it I KNEW GOD HAD SENT HER ONLY TO ME.  The line in the scripture that states ” I will save your from the Fowler’s snare”  not only did this woman not know me, she didn’t know my last name.  My last name at the time was Fowler.  That was married last name. Talk about WHOAAAAA!!!!

Ever since that day, I have held that scripture near and dear to my heart, i speak it over myself, my children and my new husband.

I always feel compelled to share that because it left a lasting impact on my life.  My divorce ended as well as one could hope, and believe it or not we are now able to speak to each other most of the time without wanting to kill each other.



2 thoughts on “Psalm 91 My Life Verse

  1. Very nice post, thank you for sharing. I can relate with you,I’m not social either and don’t really like it when people want to engage. And especially in Church people like to engage, not my favorite part. I had to smile when you said almost the same 😊. My favorite verse is this: Isaiah 41:13, I will hold your right hand fear not I will help you. Of course there are more verses I like but this one is special for sure. I’m happy that you now can deal with each other on a good note, that is always important for the kids.


  2. I came from a very rough childhood background where my dad would break promises just to watch it tear me apart. I was also told by my dad I had no future ahead of me either. Then one night I open the bible and landed on Jeremiah 29:11 and that scripture verse captured my heart and I became a Christian that very night.

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